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Demand Congress to #DefundHate: STOP Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda!

Aug 11, 2017 By Daisy Ocampo
The Detention Watch Network’s #DefundHate Campaign has new resources to help you mobilize your community to demand that your tax dollars AREN’T USED to finance Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, which includes further deportations, detentions and border militarization. Sign the petition demanding that Congress say NO to Trump’s budget. For more info about #DefundHate, click here. La campaña #DefundHate de Detention Watch Network tiene nuevos recursos para ayudarte a movilizar a tu comunidad a exigir que tus impuestos NO SE USEN para financiar la agenda anti-inmigrante

A judge said these kids get a green card. ICE says they get deported

Jul 12, 2017 By Daisy Ocampo
“For the first time, U.S. immigration officials are seeking to deport children who have received a special status for vulnerable migrants and are in the final stages of getting their green cards. State judges and immigration authorities can jointly grant children a special humanitarian designation known as Special Immigrant Juvenile Status if they decide undocumented children have been abandoned, abused or neglected by one of their parents in their home country. Children who qualify are given a U.S. Social Security number, a work permit and a green card. Now, a group of children from

Sessions Announces ‘New Era’ in Treatment of Undocumented Immigrants

Apr 12, 2017 By Marisela Esparza
BY KAVITHA SURANA APRIL 11, 2017 – 4:19 PM KAVITHA.SURANA @KSURANA6 Immigration experts are also wary of the broad expansion of prosecutorial priorities and warned that directing resources to prosecuting the undocumented will mean other public safety issues may be neglected. “The fact is that increases in prosecution for illegal border crossers is going to take away resources for more serious crimes, meaning, guns, narcotics, and violent crimes,” Greg Chen, director of advocacy for the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said.   Read full article here.

When ICE comes for SF immigrants, new hotline team fights back

Feb 28, 2017 By Marisela Esparza
By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez on February 28, 2017 1:00 am   In the immigrant community, rumors of immigration raids can spread like wildfire. Especially in the age of President Donald Trump’s heated rhetoric, that panic can lead to turmoil, as undocumented immigrants fearing deportation avoid work and school and live in a state of fear. Now, a new 24-hour, seven-day-a-week hotline from a group of local nonprofits aims to defend immigrants detained by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and verify the rampant rumors of raids. To read the rest of the article click here. 

Commentary: Brown should sign TRUTH Act bill (East Bay Times)

Sep 28, 2016 By Marisela Esparza
By Jayashri Srikantiah PUBLISHED: September 28, 2016 at 10:58 am | UPDATED: September 28, 2016 at 10:59 am  East Bay Times With an unprecedented conversation about the criminal justice system sweeping the nation, we should look closely at the plight of immigrants in California’s jails. These individuals can suddenly find themselves facing deportation — and separation from family and community — without warning and with no information about their rights. A bill currently before Gov. Jerry Brown, aptly called the TRUTH Act (AB 2792 by Assemblymember Rob Bonta, D-Oakland)

Threatened Sanctuary or National Insecurity?

Jun 6, 2016 By Marisela Esparza
By: Brandy Miceli People from around the world gathered under the trees of Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland to share their stories of brutal violence, sexual assault, and yearning hunger during their journey to the United States from their homelands — the hot spring day complementing their zeal to be heard. With mouths full of homemade tamales rojos y verdes, folks chanted, “Undocumented, unapologetic, and unafraid!” This event, put on by the Immigrant Youth Coalition, Coming Out Of The Shadows (COOTS), was a place where they could express themselves in the streets of Oakland, one of

10th Annual SF Immigrant Family Day

May 16, 2016 By Marisela Esparza
By Jessica Christian on April 28, 2016 4:56 pm Immigrant families, lawyers and advocates of immigrant rights gather on the steps of San Francisco City Hall for the 10th annual San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network (SFILEN) Immigrant Family Day. Undocumented immigrant families share their stories with district supervisors Thursday April 28, 2016. Gaspard Mbole immigrant from Cameroon receives legal support from the San Francisco African Advocacy Network in the Mission District. “I came to San Francisco to get legal support,” Mbole said.”My hope is that all the immigrants