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SFILEN’s Outreach Team partners with schools, city agencies, community centers, and grassroots organizations to offer rights-based education to immigrant communities throughout San Francisco. Our workshops give community members the knowledge and tools to assert their rights, build community power, and access a variety of immigration-related services throughout the city.

Our outreach partners include: Arab Resource & Organizing Center, Causa Justa::Just Cause, Chinese for Affirmative Action, Filipino Community Center, Mujeres Unidas y Activas, and PODER. These organizations also work closely with the San Francisco Rapid Response Network, providing community outreach and dispatcher service for the city’s only 24/7 hotline for ICE raid verification and emergency attorney activation for recently detained immigrants.


Here is a partial list of workshops offered by our Outreach team. In addition to these, our partners can offer workshops and training on Immigration Visas for Victims of Crime, History of the Immigrant Rights Movement, Forced Migration, Human Trafficking, Islamophobia and Anti-Zionism, Environmental Justice, Immigration & Criminalization of Youth, and more! To learn more about what we offer, email, or complete the application to request a workshop for your organization.

Know Your Rights – This workshop provides an in-depth overview on individual
constitutional rights and how to exercise them when confronted by ICE and any other Law Enforcement.

Rapid Response – This training focuses on how community leaders and staff from other
organizations can support Rapid Response efforts. These efforts include increasing community awareness on how to not to spread false rumors about ICE Activity, how to use the hotline, and best practices on how to support directly impacted community members.

Emergency Family Plan- This workshop offers resources and support for creating a personalized emergency plan so that families are informed and prepared in the case that a loved one is detained by ICE.

Public Charge – In this workshop, participants learn about the public charge rule, who it affects, and how to access legal consultations to determine if the rule affects their case. Visit our Public Charge resource page here.

Education Access – This training focuses on the avenues through which undocumented students
can access higher education.